Why You Book Before You Go?

No Cancellation or Amendment Fees

Firstly, if you cancel it will not cost you hassle or money, Many Car Rental companies do not charge amendment or cancellation fees. Very occasionally, suppliers will charge fees (and this will be passed on to the consumer) but generally this only happens if you cancel within a 72 hour period and applies to selected suppliers in selected destinations only.

Purchasing Power

Due to relationships with reputable suppliers, it often means that you can be offered lower prices on car rental overseas than if you were to walk in off the street.

No Foreign Exchange Worries

Pre-paying your car rental in your currency before you go means that you don't have to worry about exchange rate fluctuations. If you book your car hire when you arrive at a destination, changes in the exchange rate may mean you pay more than you would have at home.


By booking your car rental in advance, you can get the vehicle size you want. Whilst car rental suppliers do not guarantee a specific model, you will get the car class you reserved. If you wait until you are at the airport in a foreign country, especially in peak season, availability may be limited and so prices will be driven up. Avoid disappointment and save money by booking early!

Peace of Mind

Booking your car rental in your home country before you travel means there are no language barriers to consider and it is easy and convenient. You have time to consider your options and read the small print as opposed to being "up sold" to on the spot at a car rental counter in a foreign country.